The Reasons You Need to Use Urgent Air Freight

There are several methods of freight forwarding including freight by grounds, sea, and air. Grounds freight is usually used for shipping between interconnected land routes. Meanwhile, businesses choose sea freight to other destinations which separated by the sea or for faster route than by land.

Well, among those methods, air freight is mostly chosen for delivering goods as fast as possible. Even, for those who urgently need to deliver goods, freight companies also offer urgent air freight charter. However, there are several things to consider beforehand, why use an urgent air freight is a right choice for your businesses.

urgent air freight charter

Type of Goods that Need to Quickly Shipped

Mostly, the reason why use an urgent air freight is to deliver time-critical goods that can’t be shipped with any other form of transport. For example, you need to send perishable foods to the faraway country that need to be delivered within a day. Or, need an automotive business needs to ship production parts to keep the production line in other areas running.

Even sometimes, freight companies can help to ship oil and gas equipment, medical equipment and supplies, relief goods, and similar goods to certain places that need help as soon as possible. Rather than money, shipping is a question of time for many businesses.

So, if the consignment is urgent, choosing air freight is a way to avoid potentially higher costs for late delivery by using sea freight.

How Much Money to Transport the Goods

Another reason why use an urgent air freight is how much money you are going to spend. No doubt, sea freight is a way far more affordable than air freight. However, this is not necessarily the case. Although that is true, how the shipping goods are charged and transported for international shipping in every company will influence the overall cost.

The chargeable weight for air freight will be based on the weight and size. For example, there are large items which light in weight but take up more space. Yet, there are also small items which save up for more space but have a very heavy in weight.

The price of shipping goods will be determined by its volume in the cubic meter. So, when a number of weighing and size is getting smaller, the margin between prices also gets smaller to ship by air. Moreover, you need also to consider the additional charges such as customs and fees. For example, Seaport warehouse fees sometimes can be more expensive than at the airports.

Reliability and Safety while Transporting the Goods

Weather condition will be highly affecting on how the goods will be transported in every method of shipment. For sea freight, the bad weather condition at the ocean will give serious cost affects due to delivery delay. It is because sea freight runs on the weekly basis, so when the shipment is getting delayed, it means the business will miss a shipment for a week off. This is the reason why use an urgent air freight is the best option for this situation. If air freight is getting delayed due to bad weather conditions or others, businesses will only miss the flight for days because most air freight flights run on daily basis, back and forth.

Well, the mentioned several considerations above help to tell you why to use an urgent air freight is worth noting. If you want to save time and certain cost, air freight is the best shipping method for you.