Knee Join Pain Episode

In medical world, knee joint pain is not something unusual. It commonly takes place in everyday life as well as professional athlete life. Knee is a joint with three compartments and surrounded by ligament strapping. This compartment is susceptible to illness and vulnerable to experience damage since the joint receive full weight of the body. Remember knee joint carry flexible duty to be able to move back and forth like a hinge of a door.

Knee Join Pain

Knee Joint Pain Cause

When the knee joint pain is occurring, there’s several cause that will lead to several health problem. Hard exercise, athletic movement, repeated activities, old age can cause knee joint pain escalate. Some of the problem can easily cure, but others need more attention, including surgery if needed.

Knee Joint Pain Cases

One of the often case is the result of repeated movement of kneeling for a long period. This movement can cause fluid to gathers over the knee joint and knows as bursitis. Tend to affect people with a lot of kneeling activity such as old fashion maid, carpet layers, or sport players.

Swollen area behind the knee, known as Baker’s cyst, also cause by a synovial fluid in the joint. This swollen area will look like an enlarged area or a lump. The knee joint pain happens because of knee injury.

Haemarthrosis is an injury that happens to joint spaces which cause knee joint pain. This injury happens because of the ligament on the knee surround by blood vessels. The symptoms are knee swelling, bruising, stiffness and warmth. For any sign of very swollen knee, immediately go to medical care unit.

Some middle age people experience knee join pain. When the knee joint have flashes red and have burn sensation, one of the causes might be gout, which is one of arthritis type. Gout is quite painful disease to the knee joint. Usually, gout will cause severe knee join pain, limiting knee movement and sometimes cause slight fever.

This disease is quite complicated since the pain didn’t start at the joint. Gout originally was come from crystal that was built from uric acid in the body. This crystal cause painful and burning sensation on the knee joint.

Knee Joint Pain Healing

To overcome knee joint pain, the swelling and burning sensation on your joint, several aids can be applied for quick response. Remember to do RICE, stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Which mean, anytime your knee join pain occur, stop your activity and resting. Afterwards, prepare ice pack and put it on your knee for a few minutes and repeated couple of times later. This will help reducing the swelling. Moreover, compress your knee and elevate the knee higher than the heart.

For several cases, more medication is needed especially when the pain was unbearable. Consuming anti-inflammation pills on injection could be the offer. Afterwards, medical examiner will offer to do several tests to find the core of the pain. X-Ray and MRI can see the location on where the exact knee joint pain located.