How to Lose Weight Fast: Don’t You Want to Lose 5 Pounds a Week?

Dropping 5 pounds in only a single week is not a dream anymore. You can do this by following these recommended steps. It is not as hard as stop eating. The plan is simple and there is also a fun tip that you must love to do. Now, how to lose weight fast is in your decision. It is all about what to eat and drink and what to do to lose more calories.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Eat and Drink

How to Lose weight fastThere is no recommendation for you to eat some foods and meals. However, our recommendation is to avoid white grain products. You better not to take white rice, sandwich rolls and spaghetti. This will make you easily drop your weight.

The carbs that those white grain products have can simply make your belly get bigger and bigger. Then, how to lose weight fast is to get the alternative foods, such as replacing chicken sandwich with chicken salad, and chips & dip with carrots & dip. With this step, you are likely to lose 10 pounds fast.

However, the first recommendation is not enough. How to lose weight fast is also related to your drinks. Drink mainly water. It has zero calories and carbs. In addition, it does not supply you with sodium so that it is a perfect water to drink.

It is different from the energy or sports drink that may contain about 100 calories. If you love drinking coffee, you need to take a glass of coffee 1 hour before working out. Coffee will energize your exercise.

How to Lose Weight Fast: What to Do

The first thing you must do is doing cardio. You need to do this about 30 minutes a day. There are three workouts to consider, such as spinning, boot-camp and cardio kickboxing. Every workout that makes your heart rate increase can burn calories.

Doing one of those workout in about 30 minutes can throw 200 to 300 calories away. The other recommendation of how to lose weight fast is doing 36 push-ups and lunges. You need to complete 3 sets of 12 push-ups and lunges. These exercises are a good solution of how to lose weight fast at home.

Diet Fast

Then, what is the fun thing to do? To complete those steps of how to lose weight fast with exercise, you need to do you-on-top sex at night.

For women, doing this will blast the fat. Be active and you will burn more calories. This how to lose weight fast recommendation can burn up to 144 calories for 30 minutes.