How to Lose Weight Fast: Don’t You Want to Lose 5 Pounds a Week?

Dropping 5 pounds in only a single week is not a dream anymore. You can do this by following these recommended steps. It is not as hard as stop eating. The plan is simple and there is also a fun tip that you must love to do. Now, how to lose weight fast is in your decision. It is all about what to eat and drink and what to do to lose more calories.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Eat and Drink

How to Lose weight fastThere is no recommendation for you to eat some foods and meals. However, our recommendation is to avoid white grain products. You better not to take white rice, sandwich rolls and spaghetti. This will make you easily drop your weight.

The carbs that those white grain products have can simply make your belly get bigger and bigger. Then, how to lose weight fast is to get the alternative foods, such as replacing chicken sandwich with chicken salad, and chips & dip with carrots & dip. With this step, you are likely to lose 10 pounds fast.

However, the first recommendation is not enough. How to lose weight fast is also related to your drinks. Drink mainly water. It has zero calories and carbs. In addition, it does not supply you with sodium so that it is a perfect water to drink.

It is different from the energy or sports drink that may contain about 100 calories. If you love drinking coffee, you need to take a glass of coffee 1 hour before working out. Coffee will energize your exercise.

How to Lose Weight Fast: What to Do

The first thing you must do is doing cardio. You need to do this about 30 minutes a day. There are three workouts to consider, such as spinning, boot-camp and cardio kickboxing. Every workout that makes your heart rate increase can burn calories.

Doing one of those workout in about 30 minutes can throw 200 to 300 calories away. The other recommendation of how to lose weight fast is doing 36 push-ups and lunges. You need to complete 3 sets of 12 push-ups and lunges. These exercises are a good solution of how to lose weight fast at home.

Diet Fast

Then, what is the fun thing to do? To complete those steps of how to lose weight fast with exercise, you need to do you-on-top sex at night.

For women, doing this will blast the fat. Be active and you will burn more calories. This how to lose weight fast recommendation can burn up to 144 calories for 30 minutes.

Knee Join Pain Episode

In medical world, knee joint pain is not something unusual. It commonly takes place in everyday life as well as professional athlete life. Knee is a joint with three compartments and surrounded by ligament strapping. This compartment is susceptible to illness and vulnerable to experience damage since the joint receive full weight of the body. Remember knee joint carry flexible duty to be able to move back and forth like a hinge of a door.

Knee Join Pain

Knee Joint Pain Cause

When the knee joint pain is occurring, there’s several cause that will lead to several health problem. Hard exercise, athletic movement, repeated activities, old age can cause knee joint pain escalate. Some of the problem can easily cure, but others need more attention, including surgery if needed.

Knee Joint Pain Cases

One of the often case is the result of repeated movement of kneeling for a long period. This movement can cause fluid to gathers over the knee joint and knows as bursitis. Tend to affect people with a lot of kneeling activity such as old fashion maid, carpet layers, or sport players.

Swollen area behind the knee, known as Baker’s cyst, also cause by a synovial fluid in the joint. This swollen area will look like an enlarged area or a lump. The knee joint pain happens because of knee injury.

Haemarthrosis is an injury that happens to joint spaces which cause knee joint pain. This injury happens because of the ligament on the knee surround by blood vessels. The symptoms are knee swelling, bruising, stiffness and warmth. For any sign of very swollen knee, immediately go to medical care unit.

Some middle age people experience knee join pain. When the knee joint have flashes red and have burn sensation, one of the causes might be gout, which is one of arthritis type. Gout is quite painful disease to the knee joint. Usually, gout will cause severe knee join pain, limiting knee movement and sometimes cause slight fever.

This disease is quite complicated since the pain didn’t start at the joint. Gout originally was come from crystal that was built from uric acid in the body. This crystal cause painful and burning sensation on the knee joint.

Knee Joint Pain Healing

To overcome knee joint pain, the swelling and burning sensation on your joint, several aids can be applied for quick response. Remember to do RICE, stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Which mean, anytime your knee join pain occur, stop your activity and resting. Afterwards, prepare ice pack and put it on your knee for a few minutes and repeated couple of times later. This will help reducing the swelling. Moreover, compress your knee and elevate the knee higher than the heart.

For several cases, more medication is needed especially when the pain was unbearable. Consuming anti-inflammation pills on injection could be the offer. Afterwards, medical examiner will offer to do several tests to find the core of the pain. X-Ray and MRI can see the location on where the exact knee joint pain located.

Medial Knee Pain Knowledge

Medial Knee PainSome people may experience medial knee pain. These pains happen because the muscle weakness and tightness that can change the way knee moves. Medial knee occur inside of the knee. The pain was varying from small and in short time or happen after knee injury to sharp painful sensation.

Medial Knee Pain Section

There are 3 big differentiations on medial knee pain that can be detected. Medial Ligament Disorder or usually call as MCL is a damage to the ligament fibers on the inner knee. The damage indicates from some symptoms such as swelling, bruising, stiffness or instability of the knee.

This can happen due to excessive or sudden movement from outside of the leg such as tackling and twisting of knee. When this happens, sometimes the injured person can hear the popping noise when it occurs and follow with sharp pain sensation which lead to soreness and limp.

Medial cartilage or often known as Meniscus Tear is another medial knee pain. Menisci play a very important role to your knee health. Menisci are responsible for the weights distributions of the body. The dysfunction of this part can lead to severe pain of the knee.

Meniscus Tear can happen because of traumatic injury and degenerative process. Traumatic injury can happen from outside cause such as twisting or hitting from outside. When this happen, usually pain and swelling burst out immediately. Other medial knee pain symptoms are inability to straight the joint, swelling, locking and instability of the knee because the meniscus was torn.

The third medial knee pain cause is Arthritis. This usually happen to old people where complains are swelling, clicking, inside knee pain, morning stiffness, and of course, limited leg movement. Arthritis occurs to cartilage lining of the joint that tears. Since this usually happen to old people above 50 years old, it didn’t have to happen because a hard activity. This pain will grow worse in cold weather or prolong activity or rest.

Medial Knee Pain Treatment

First aid to medial knee pain is rest, ice compression and lifting the knee higher than the body. This will give sudden impact on the joint swelling and ease the pain.

If the pain is unbearable, anti-inflammation medication such as ibuprofen or aspirin is also a quick relief, while in severe case a cortisone injection can also apply. Afterwards, you can contact your physician to determine which case is your pain.

The physician will elaborate your pain with asking question about the symptoms and what happen before the pain. X-Ray and sometimes MRI will see whether the injury needs surgery or not.

Medial Knee Pain Exercise

Aside from medication treatment, an exercise is also needed to heal medial knee pain. Before doing some exercise, you have to give attention several conditions.

In case you want to follow strengthening program, you have to notice that the injury will not be painful in the morning, to touch, or to stretch. These light exercises include stretching, squatting, swimming and cycling. Remember to do the exercise slowly so the medial knee pain can heal perfectly.

Are Ear Infections Contagious?

Ear InfectionEar infections are one of the most common illnesses that are being experienced by individuals regardless of their age. This particular type of infection is not contagious. However, other conditions that are associated with the ear infection such as cold can be passed from one person to another.

Many individuals are wondering and keep asking are ear infections contagious. The answer may seem to be unclear especially if individuals lack sufficient knowledge and familiarity about this infection. Ear infections are caused by fluid buildup or growth of microorganism in the ear canal. This condition requires the most effective treatment to avoid this from getting worse.

Get to Know More About Ear Infections in Children

Are ear infections contagious in children? This is a common question that is being raised by several parents whose children are suffering from ear infections. These infections are not contagious, but there are instances that the underlying condition that is linked with the infection can strike other people.

Ear infections in children are one of the dominant reasons why parents usually visit a doctor. Children who are suspected with ear infection are irritable. These children may also be complaining about ear pain. Other children with ear infection may suffer from fever and discomfort. So if parents will ask are ear infections contagious, the answer will definitely be no, but they must keep in mind that fever and cold can be.

Ear Infections in Adults: What You Need to Know

Ear infections can also strike adults, and it is for this reason that they must be aware about the ear infections symptoms and how these symptoms can affect them. Some may also ask if ear infections contagious in adults. The best answer can be given by a knowledgeable doctor, so it is advised that individuals must see a doctor in case ear infection strikes in. Before you make yourself busy asking are ear infections contagious, it is much better to focus on the early signs and causes of infections. The ear infection symptoms in adults are swelling, redness, itchiness in the ear, fever, pain, balance problems, loss of hearing and more.

Inner Ear Infections: Are Inner Ear Infections Contagious?

There have been a lot of arguments and exchange of views if ear infections contagious or not. Despite their endless debates, contagiousness is really not a big deal here because what is more important is to focus on the best treatments.

Inner ear infections or Labyrinthitis is referred to as the inflammation of the inner ear. These are usually associated with common symptoms like vomiting, nausea, vertigo, headaches, temporary loss of hearing and balance.

Are inner ear infections contagious? There are different types of infections that are contagious however inner ear infections are not one of them. However, if the infection reaches the jaw or the other ear, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.

There are countless means on how ear infections in adults and children can be treated. Oral medications like antibiotics can be of great help. Doctors can also suggest regular cleaning of the ear using mild and effective ear cleanser.