Cat Ear Infections

Keeping the ears of your cat clean all the time is an essential obligation of being a cat owner. This is highly important for cats that are allowed to go outdoors as their ears might be infested with grass seeds, flies, ticks, and dirt in general.

If you have noticed that your cat is scratching and shaking its head, or meowing persistently, these can serve as signs of cat ear infections.

Usually car eat infections can be avoided by cleaning your cat’s ears regularly. You can set up ear cleaning routine for your cat at least once a month of maybe twice every month.

Cat Ear

Cat Ear Cleaning Routine

  1. To avoid your pet from having cat ear infections, make sure that you clean its ear from time to time especially if it loves going outdoors. You can clean the ears of your cat by doing the following steps;
  2. Let your car sit on your lap and begin caressing them with gentle stroke or talking to them to make them feel relaxed.
  3. Move your hand to the head and begin checking its ear for dirt, discharge, or parasite. Remember that discharge is a clear sign of cat ear infections.
  4. If the ears of your cat are dirty, you can dip cotton swab or wool inside the ear and gently swab the visible areas of its ear.
  5. Remember not to push the cotton further down the ears of your pet as doing this might frighten your pet or damage the delicate part of its ears.

It is quite normal for your cat to have earwax, but if you noticed that dark brown waxy mineral is present in your pet’s ear, your pet might have cat ears infections. This can be the time to use the cat ear infections home remedies or you can bring your cat to the nearest veterinary for possible cat ears infection treatment.

Home Remedies for Cat Ears Infections

  • Home remedies for cat ears infections may vary, depending on the causes of the infection. Below are useful tips for cat ears infections remedies that you can do to avoid worsening the condition of your cat ears infection.
  • If ear mites are the cause of infection, you can use an equal amount of squirt and syringe. Spread these in the ears of your cat and leave it for about five minutes while you massage the base of its ears. The ear mites will go out, and you can wipe it with a cloth.
  • Olive oil and garlic are also best home remedies for cat ears infections. Soak the crushed garlic in the olive oil solution overnight. The next day, you can heat up the solution and put at least five drops of it inside your cat ears within 21 days. This can eliminate the sources if cat ears infection and can help the ears of your cat heal faster.
  • Aloe and Calendula essential oils are also the best homes remedies for cat ears infections. This will not only get rid of ear mites but also remove other debris the clogs the ears of your pet. You can also use this within 21 days to cure your cat ears infection.

There are plenty of car ears home remedies that you can find out there. But if the condition of your cat’s ears gets worse, it is always best to bring him to the nearest vet.